about dave c reynolds

My name is Dave C Reynolds. I'm a surfer/artist/entreprenuer from Huntington Beach, CA. I've lived in Orange County all my life. Orange County in the 70’s was an incredible place to live for any teenager! Not digging the jock thing in high school I gravitated towards surfing and skateboarding. No rules, no uniforms and no buzzers! My friends and I rode our bikes all over OC in search of waves and places to skateboard. We wouldn’t have a dollar to our name or a bottle of water but somehow we survived. We would sleep on the beach for days with nothing but a beach towel and a surfboard. 

 In 1988 I had the idea to hand carve mini surfboards for fun. I then started mounting them in shadowboxes with art. I thought "Whoa, these would make really cool surf trophies". I contacted the World Surf Tour at the time and showed them my ideas. I got the job to make the trophies for the 1988 World Tour Awards banquet in Hawaii! Talk about starting at the top. With the money I made for the trophies I bought my first ticket to Hawaii so I could deliver and attend the awards banquet. Wow! All the  pro surfers past and present I had only seen in surf mags. Since then I have created more surf trophies than anyone in history. 20,000-30,000 at least. I have designed and created surf and SUP trophies for contests and companies all over the world. Some of my customers include the WSL, Quiksilver, Coppertone, Verizon, Hawaiian Airlines and Pacific Life. 

I've built this incredible life here in Surf City! Surfing, paddleboarding, art and business. I consult and work with local restaurants and resorts making custom furniture and signage. I've learned to create all kinds of art including sculpture, resin casting, black light art, pinball machines, fine art, illustration and more.

In the 70's I started riding waves on anything I could afford or get my hands on. I'm now a legit surfing addict and still surf or paddleboard almost daily. I've surfed all over California, Mexico, Hawaii and Fiji. I've volunteered at the International Surfing Museum as their exhibits director since 2010.  As you can see I'm stoked on life and surfing. What stokes me the most is sharing the stoke of surfing with others. Whether it be my trophies, art or museum exhibits. I also have a passion for helping out groups and causes that help keep our oceans clean and respect it's inhabitants. I live "to protect and surf".  Dave C Reynolds