Weed Waxx Marijuana Scented Surfboard and Snowboard Waxes

This is the world's first marijuana scented surfboard wax. Invented and developed by Huntington Beach surfer/artist Dave C Reynolds. The proprietary scent was developed in a commercial fragrance lab using actual Blue Dream buds for a scent to reproduce. Not stinky or danky. Weed Waxx has that Blue Dream fruity, piney marijuana scent. The wax formula includes hemp seed oil for softness and stickyness. Comparable to Quick Humps or Sticky Bumps. Contains no illegal or controlled substances. We have your typical 85 gram square bars for daily use. We also have special "hooter" collectible bars of wax. Imagine Cheech and Chong style! They even have their own giant rolling paper! For you snowboarders we got Speedy Weedy's brand snowboard wax.