Limited Edition California Gray Whale "True Locals" Art by Dave C Reynolds

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The California Gray Whale is the centerpiece of my True Locals Collection. The mother and her calf appear to float inside this beautiful piece. Mama whale is so proud of her little one. Sculpted by myself with considerable details and features. Mama whale even has some barnacle formations on her topside. The most gentle of all "True Locals". Handcrafted using a metal and resin technique I developed. Looks exactly like a bronze casting at a fraction of the cost. The background is a Channel Islands nautical map. An area where this creature roams. Below the pair is the common and scientific name. The shadowbox frame is 14" x 20" and has a glass front. Would be a perfect gift for any mother! A significant portion of each sale benefits the Huntington/Seal Beach Surfrider Foundation Chapter. This is a special introductory price.

Each piece is signed and numbered. Each piece is limited to 1,000 pieces. Includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity.